BEDDED, BLESSED AND BARED. Story of sorts, by Louis Hemmings


Plump and pretty, crowned with surprise; beautiful your buttons, delightfully they rise, gravity un-defied, our bodies slightly battered, tired limbs entangled, hearts somewhat tattered. Fumbling blind in your hinge-opened thighs, slow foraging fingers, sleep-sensual eyes; purse-clasp open, pressed pussy-willow tip: rhythmic spasms whip your shapely hips.

My crooked warm wonder shows little indecision, bare bishop-head smooth, piston-like precision, sunken to hilt, my sword sinks to inner core, ecstatic neurons sing but tendons slightly sore. Silent bodies bump, deep in understanding, mutual submission, romantic that *commanding, long covenanted couple, deep our strong roots, bedded, blessed and bared, sweet shared fruit.

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