Bodies. Photographs by Carina Harford.

ABOVE IS CARINA HARFORD. PHOTOGRAPHER, AND UNDERNEATH ARE A SELECTION OF REFINED BLACK AND WHITE PHOTOGRAPHS SHE HAS TAKEN IN NATURAL LOCATIONS. THE BODY IS THE SUBJECT IN EACH PHOTO. MESSAGE FROM CARINA- my photographs are mainly about abstraction - we live in an internet world where the body is divorced from the individual; the body as a whole is divorced from sex, and sex is often divorced from emotion. Everything is compartmentalised. We have become abstract projections of ourselves, presenting incomplete and distorted images of our lives to create surreal online personas in which the body is a silent commodity. I want that abstraction to work in a different way. I want nudity (the viewed unclothed body) to become nakedness (the freedom of being in your natural body). To me the naked body is freedom; is a step towards uniting the fractious compartments of the presented self. We are not nude for each other, we are naked for ourselves.

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