Every 5 years something appears on the self-love health market that changes the game and we scuttle towards it like a dog to a new bone. Some things stick, like Argan oil, but some things fade, like the watermelon diet, and quite rightly so. It’s hard to know whether the hype is real as there are those well trained in advertising VS those well trained to be indoctrinated. However, you must respect the ones that stick. The new CBD market is one of those I have been particularly interested in, not only as a regular stoner whose second favorite color is green but as someone who is constantly aware that we often need help to activate the body, to calm it down, and to have the most pleasurable experience we can possibly have. 

CBD has multiple different benefits but Libido and female health are the two I will discuss today. First, the science, as despite the leaders of the world not always communicating with the scientists, we, the public, know that they have some worthy and sexy knowledge! Your body is full of tiny receptors that are part of the endocannabinoid system. CBD unlocks these receptors by activating them in a series of reactions that stimulate the system. It’s indirect but it causes anti-inflammatory and anticonvulsant responses. It can help Erectile dysfunction, aid dryness, increase libido, and generally allow you to feel calmer. These effects are extremely valuable for trauma victims or anyone struggling with enacting pressure upon themselves to ‘perform’. It can even be good for vaginismus as the CBD in things such as lube helps with muscle contractions and enable those to have penetrative sex for the first time. Furthermore, we must talk about the big O for orgasm, something I had never experienced before in sex until the age of 23. I was terrified it would never happen and I would just be forever, the sole organizer of my orgasms. A 2019 review paper showed that cannabis led to longer, more satisfying orgasms and if you have taken a puff and even had enough, you know that the effect on the physical pleasure is pretty radiant. CBD is also radiant as the blood flow increases to the tissues and improves the nerve sensation. Furthermore, CBD increases the serum concentration of an endocannabinoid neurotransmitter called anandamide, which is closely linked to oxytocin which is the ‘love hormone’ or ‘cuddle hormone’ if you don’t want to get too deep. Now I take LOBA’s daily drops which have 10% of organic CBD oil before dates and even with my mates, as it's always good to feel ready for anything. 

Not only does CBD increase pleasure, but it helps the menstrual cycle be less painful and thus allows for greater pleasure in a women's ‘once a month’. CBD can potentially aid your body in the balancing of hormone levels which can not only increase your sex drive but allow your body to cope with the regulation during your period. Women are expected to live with pain, just look at the fact only just now in 2022 funding on the male ‘non-hormonal’ pill actually came into fruition. What a fucking liberty. Your physical health is so crucial and if you are crushed by the hormone change and chronic pain during your period, this may be a great way to help. I must say that everyone's endocannabinoid system is unique so it can often be hard to measure whether CBD is right for you but there really is only one way to find out. What I would suggest would be to do some independent research into the effects of CBD and then try out some products that may be quite life-changing. You will be activated! You will be radiant! 

Right now I am using the products by ‘Loba’ which don’t just benefit your period pains and sexual experiences, but they have amazing products that enable good sleep and can ease irritated skin. They focus on the fact that we no longer need to suffer in silence, just like Wasitgoodforyou wants you to speak out with and for pleasure! I use their Gentle intimate

shaving foam and calming aftershave lotion just before a date to feel extra luscious and in some way, I know that I am coating myself in lotions that will stimulate my urge, my desire, and my healthy glow. Whilst the Gentle intimate shaving foam has CBD, almond oil, and probiotics in there to soothe and protect, the Calming after shave lotion leaves the legs feeling so sexy from the zinc and probiotics, and of course, the CBD. My legs literally shine back at me and are ready for a good rough and tumble or a soft touch! I also use their face care which includes a beautiful mask with CBD, white clay, and magnolia extract. My face is ready for kissing and smells divine which I have only heard from those who have got close! Then in the nighttime, I use the Radiant face oil which just makes me look golden. This is the company I would recommend for both looking golden and feeling golden! Radiant and activated. 

Here is their website so get shopping, and begin your journey in experiencing CBD for yourself. You can then put yourself as the goddess you deserve, need, and want to experience. 


Thanks for listening. 

Love Eliza.

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