' Im sore again.' A poem by Kenza Hamichi.

I’m sore, again

You sowed, I reaped

Ripped and all sore

I felt it, cold

Without socks

on my bedroom floor

Hurt my mind

throughout every casted line

Wove my words into a spellbound trap

Such a daunting curse

Seems like I secretly rehearse?

Held my eyes wide shut,

To contemplate my remains

Whispers dissed my spine

Please don’t drench me in shame

STOP smothering our pain

I wonder, helplessly

Are we all simply garnished in doom?

Sly, elusive, insatiable emotions

Heavy teardrops, untied from my eyes

Selfish, even they trickle away

I am not to be shamed,

Do not weigh out my blames

I am a human

Nothing else is expected

This is all I can say


Whether it was good for me is something I endlessly rehash. Struggles that emerge from these two conflicting concepts, good and bad, really tire my mind. So one thing I have decided to believe is the best things we are come from our worst parts. And this strangely gives me peace.

Picture by Leila Nsengiyumva : https://www.instagram.com/2h22/

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