LOVE. A thought AND thought visual by Lilly Seibel.



Why are we so afraid of love?It seems easier to be hateful than to support and love each other, you just have to see the news or go through social media apps to recognize that.But why?Sometimes, love in our society feels like a jungle of rules and standards, making it hard for us to differentiate between what we are supposed to want and what we actually want deep down. I dont know any other emotion that is as regulated, yet so essential. People want to love, but they also don’t want to get hurt. To love means to be completely vulnerable. We give another human the power to hurt us. I guess that’s why so many people choose to protect themselves from potential pain and close their will to love freely.But “If you aren’t going to use your heart, then what’s the difference if it gets broken?“ Since there are so many standards in our heads telling us what to do and what to believe, we are all kind of conditioned. The most common belief might probably be a forever kind of relationship with “the right one“. We want to find someone who completes us, who gives us what we need.This is how society tells us to find another person rather than finding ourselves, to always wait and search for someone. We dont learn to enjoy our solitude or to be lucky with what we have. Because if we would be, we would stop constantly wanting more and that would be bad for profit.So love, as an emotion, is braided to be part of our entire social and economic construct. It is highly influenced by norms and made to be anything but not free. I think its time to change that. To be honest i would rather see people kissing than killing each otherAnd to remind you, the world is a fucking small planet in a huge universe. We stand on the same soil. This means we are all in the same boat. Even though there are many reasons to panic in these times, remaining calm and loving will save way more lives than freaking out and kicking people from the boat.So dont be scared and go out and love the shit out of humans.LILLY.

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