Fucking [on] Facebook.Tingles like warm champagne bubbles pour down my spineFloat along the skin of my stomach and my breastsCraving my mouth.When they reach they draw out a sigh of longing Then burst. Feeling your fingers tracing my fleshBut your farfrom me, yet this fizzing Bubbling Over me is created by lustful words Typed feverishly by you in black on white, By memory of our bodies pressedOur skin sweatBy waiting and waiting for that minute,We touch again, hair on end. This paradoxical block in my hand that comforts withYour words, Your face, pulls me closer Yet mocks how far from you I am And pushes you further yet.When times are more melancholy And the longing is not for flesh,Just for the wish of a kind wordOr the hope of reassurance that never ComesIt dissolves into read, and no reply. Read, and no reply. Saved nudes will be my virtual legacy: The girl who was so far away for so long For whom 'the timing was wrong' That you couldn't stand my nearness Or the fear of me leaving.Maybe. Maybe Absence does make the heart grow fonder, And maybe loving you was easier when we were side by side or Separated by sea and tide and maybe no wifi made loving me easier?Because I was sex on a screen, Soon-to-be-real dream, A queen of wit who you couldn't see scream And cry when she neededBut merely a witty reply or 'I'm fine' And you could believe it. Read and don't reply. I'm fine

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