Love in an Online World. FEATURED IMAGE BY CARENZA HERSELF. Maladjusted Misfits“We were both a couple of maladjusted misfits. We’re still maladjusted misfits and We’ve loved Every minute of it” Six months of swiping, Many offers along the way: Let’s have coffee. Let’s make it wine. You’re bisexual, right? So, How many people have you been with at one time? Let me tongue fuck your fart box. Let’s hang out a while. I’ll literally break your hip. Some common decency, but most of all just vile. Six months of swiping, Many offers along the way:The Spanish Smoker, The Danish Chemist, The American Giant, The German Student, The Sensitive Scotsman, The English Stoner, The British American, The Curious Italian..That one that didn’t talk much, that one that talked during, that missed opportunity, the ones that mocked my snoring, the ones that stayed for one night, the one that stayed for two, the ones that were just hook-ups, the ones that wanted to meet up again, too, the fellow maladjusted misfits Who made me realise time is cruel, the other half of the open relationshipWho, in the end, made me feel cruel.Every one a connection; Every one an offer taken. URL can lead to IRL But URL will not suffice. URL can only work long term With IRL pain, hard work and sacrifice. Some common decency, A lot that is purely vile. And the few fellow maladjusted misfitsWho are completely worth my while.MEET CARENZA HUCHE... ENGLISH LITERATURE AND SWEDISH STUDENT AT EDINBURGH UNIVERSITY.

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