PAIN. 'Heart on a wire' by Gilly Collins.

One broken heart on a wire

Wretched and torn apart for the world to see

One tear falls from the sky rolling like thunder and fire

I am stronger than this, is this me

Free me from these cell walls, tear them down

Empty and broken

no other love will prevail

Juggling his every wish and command like the court clown Set a course now the winds of change set sail No more tears, no more praying An oath the heart will be making No more fears, no more caring No more happiness to be faking His face appears before her eyes are laid to rest at night Dreaming of them escaping into the treachorous wild To never recover she is charged with that eternal right As the years unfold for their unborn child What is left of a broken heart sitting on a wire No other can heal the pain and beat the drum The soul looks to her heart and asks whether her hope is a funeral mire The heart tells her soul that he's the one

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