SEXY? Sofie Brown.

What Does Sexy Mean To You? 


He suddenly turned from his friends, swiveling on his bar stool and asked with a Danish accent and “Who are you waiting for?” I laughed, knowing I was in the country for one night and was completely alone. So I smiled, rubbed his elbow, and said “You!” He looked confused then laughed, “Where are you from then?” A short conversation later, a few playful nudges, and, his arm around me, he yelled to the bar at large “This is Sofie and she’s HERE ALONE!” To which everyone cheered, clapped, and offered handshakes. Traveling alone in another country is, in my opinion, one of the sexiest feelings a girl can have. Free, completely unattached, it’s a chance to really play, and wash yourself in another place. Later, going home with the Danish man, drunk and tottering on my rented bicycle as he yelled back to me which road to turn at, I laughed. The streets were silent, wide bike lanes empty, except for our raucous yelling as we swerved around each other. The spontaneity and playfulness I felt then was present later. I loved the way we danced around the fact that I left the country the next morning, danced around each other at the bar, and later on and off the bed in his room. We paid attention only to how to raise the hair on our arms and laughed as we rolled around with a clumsy, joyous grace. We talked both about our respective countries and bodies while we flirted, “do you do this here?” and “what about this?” I had never felt more sexy than in such an urgent and exploratory closeness. With only things to learn, everything was fresh, new, and a game.

Everything a pleasure.

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