Special Poem. Message from a man to a boy. Chanderkiran Thakur.

Message from a man to a boy

He’s got so much love to give, but his aim is shit.

Now i’m covered and have to use the shower for a second time

He’s gotta be crazy living like he’s john wayne

The chase, the girl. It's crazy. I'm not blaming you, It’s attractive, It’s hot.

Your body’s hard unlike your mind that is soft.

Molded by your desires, your will to fulfill the natural, the automatic.

You’re like clockwork and it's a bore.

Playing hard to get yet our roles reverse the morning after.

Frankly i’m insulted. I expected a harder game.

Why you got that hand on my shoulder?

Worried you didn’t do well? Lock me down?

It's like putty to me, I play with you. Create anything I want, as long as I don’t touch your manhood.

That chip on your shoulder tells me all the shameful things that make you hard.

While you’re controlled by it I use it like a tool. I am.

I know everything and have reached highs you were always afraid of.

Just because you’re on on top doesn’t mean you’re in control.

I’ve done the work, I let you fuck me, I call the shots.

I'm the one telling you to go harder.

I’ve mastered man, You’re a slave to your manhood.

A boy at best. So get on your knees and

let the fire in your loins die,

I'll climb to the peak

between your shoulders and swim in the clearest pool of your chest.

Watching eagles circle and clashing horns of stags.

Foraging for food and hunting for pleasure.

That's how I'll know your body,

Love doesn't come close to it.

I've never met a man,

Just cock and endless balls.

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