About a year ago, I went out to the pub with a few mates to celebrate someone’s birthday. We had some drinks and then we continued on to a club. At the club, I was nervous about dancing, even though I like to dance. I was standing at the bar putting on my most serious face, as you often do when you’re feeling a bit socially anxious. A woman came up to me. At the time, I was 18. I wasn’t sure how old she was, but at a guess, I’d have said late twenties. First she pressed her fingers either side of my mouth and pushed my lips into a smile and told me to 'smile' with great passion that only made me submit. She wasn’t beautiful, but she was charming, and I had always wanted to be with someone older. I felt like it would give me some kind of validation. I imagined myself dining out on the story for years to come. She asked me to dance, which I was obviously quite happy about, as I had wanted to in the first place but needed someone to give me a push into action. We danced for a while. She was a great dancer, but I wasn’t quite as comfortable being as affectionate as she was in front of so many people. I proposed that we go to the bathroom to do a line. In the bathroom, we had to wait in a large queue. One of the people in the queue was her friend and she introduced me, and he gave me a knowing look as he let us use the stall first. We went in and I stood pensively. She did a key of ketamine, and then offered me some. I wanted to be present, so I said no. She came close to me. I let her kiss me. It felt weird because usually I like to be more dominant, but I felt utterly submissive to this older woman’s charms. This was a little bit of a turnoff, but when she slipped her dress down, onto the dirty bathroom floor, I no longer cared about being the submissive one. At first, we tried facing one another, but my sexual prowess (and suboptimal physical strength) made it difficult for me to lift her up against the wall. I felt degraded but she didn’t care and simply turned around. We were doing it from behind, and I was kind of nervous so it was taking me a while to climax. Then, suddenly, the bouncer rapidly knocked, said ‘Oi,’ and then used a coin to turn the lock from the other side. She didn’t seem to mind until they actually addressed us. ‘Turn around,’ she said. Her friend who I’d met before was watching with a smirk. The bouncers said that it was fine to keep going. The older woman nodded to me that she was OK to continue if I was. For about 30 seconds, I kept going in front of the bouncers and the queue of people, and then I started to feel faint. I pulled out. She turned her head with great speed and gave me a monstrous glare. I pushed past the bouncers and the queue of people as they laughed raucously. Then I booked an Uber, and went home.

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