This is a poem about being up your own arse' . A poem, a rant and an interview all in one. Code name- Thomas Aquinas.

My Cock and Balls Don't WorkMy Cock and Balls Don't Work,It's not my fault I promise,It was the rum and then the cokeThat left a' doubting ThomasNever one for atavists,My useless gland is cautious,I want a cup of tea,And she's becoming nauseousEventually I raised white flag,Without the craven peg,I took my right hand home with meAnd came on my right legAs I stand in half light,Wiping sperm off my own limb,I wonder how to tell my friend,How to break the news to himThen I realise he won't want to know,Not through any fault of his own,My semen-filled odyssey is too muchYet I relay it groan by groanLyric by lyric I wear him downTill he says he feels queasy,I spare no minor detail,Till everyone feels uneasyI begin to wrap up my taleI've all but finished mine,When he starts to tell me of his nightWith a more positive storylineHe talks and talks of his success,He boasts with his sex crown,I try to silence him again and againBut he starts to write it downNo one wants to hear of his Thinly veiled conceitAbout what he does with clitoridesOr what he does with feetSomeone at last pulls him overThey tell him to be quiet,'Please don't carry on' she said,'We're beginning to get tired...Your opinions are inconsequential,You'll never change the world,Your poor attempts at modestyAll but make me hurl'And to the 'experts' to whom this isIntended most to irk,Spare a thought for those of usWhose cock and balls don't work.This is a poem about being up your own arse.Some of us aren't fortunate as others in the bedroom.Many a time I have been at the crease without a cricket bat even though I've got my helmet on and everything.People like to go into great deal about sexual experiences in my presence and it doesn't fill me with confidence, nor anyone else.The harsh reality is that I can tell that they're not being honest as well.FOOTNOTE.Thomas Aquinas would like to point out that his cock and balls have worked several times. This poem draws from experience on a few, limited occasions.INTERVIEW WITH AQUINAS AND WAS IT GOOD FOR YOU.WIGFY- Do you think we shouldn't go into a great deal about our sexual experiences?T.A- No, no I think it's important, but thinly-veiled bragathons aren't importantWIGFY- And you've met a lot of these people, and where they mostly men or women?T.A- Sometimes both, but mostly men.WIGFY- Why do you think they do it?T.A - Because they're insecureLike I said in the rant, I can tell when people are being dishonest about it.And that's when it crosses the line of importance.

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