You were great I thought' by Marigold Fiddian-Green.

You were great I thought

However, you got caught.

I headed off to Asia,

To travel, enjoy and breathe,

Some rants were had and calls were made,

It proved quite difficult I think,

As in the end, it had to change.

And so we broke our link.

We broke up I know,

But a few things you left out.

Asking my friend for dinner,

And a noble act you performed,

Not because you’re a sinner,

But because you just don’t think.

I felt something in my gut

Which resulted in a big cut

I do forgive easily but this time is different,

I forgive but won’t give in to a friendship already spent.

You said these things to me,

Quite often don’t you see,

“I love you, I miss you,

Why don’t you just come back?”

But I am confused now,

Well done, success you just don’t lack.

For all the while,

You had kissed some girl,

Your waitress might I add,

How classic, you had me fooled.

A drink of course, but no excuse

And definitely not for me.

These little things to you,

Seem quite big to me.

A sorry would have been nice,

A simple letter or some flowers,

But no, to my dismay, you are but a child.

My heart is broken now,

And I, more sensitive than you think.

Silence will suffice.

I will take time to watch the spring,

And listen to the birds,

As now it’s time for me.

Self love, self care,

No worries other than my own,

And maybe I’ll dye my hair.

Disloyalty has ruined our friendship for now,

I was lied to very well,

So, we won’t hang out for a while.

We will be friends soon but,

If anything, this pandemic

couldn’t have been timed


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