Cold Blue Steel, by Avery Jane Patterson.

Cold Blue Steel

Sitting on a stone, under a scrubbed sky
The sleeping sun undressed by a wink west
Morning birds, lovebirds, mourning crows
Fluffy tufts, weeds, worms, breakfast
Constrained by verse that wont come
Dialogue hung on pages scaffolded through turpentine and sand
Douglas firs gleam mockingly
Wisdom evades the ones looking for peace of mind
Trapped in my memory
Constantly holding me
Young touch
Too simple
Too much
Embrace yourself
Brace yourself
Make your desire pure
Face temptations
Probable or tangible
Ruined by the pregnant wife playing violin, or the man high up in Brooklyn
Belly girl
Belly of the beast
It called me back – the house up on the hill
Similarity painful and stridently avoided
Hell mouth sings for Hell choir
Seeds Sowed
Wishes and woe
Wobbly warblers
Bird buried on birthday
Will she survive the long drive
Eyes shut, just for a moment
Jealous sister of the sun
The moon’s dormant anarchy
Seattle’s wharf a home even for those without shelter
Pioneer Square

The shroud, body placed, swaddled in nature
Let peacefully to die

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