The Heartbreak System. By Eliza Lawrence

Delicate memory probing

In the nocturnal sun

I paddled into the smooth slope

of your white shoulder

The universe is a procession

with measured and perfect patterns

Of long sweeping lines

from the color of your skin

To the edges of your moles

In the whole of the night

the silence of our thoughts

filled my head

Wisps of our hairs glistened wetly

From tears 

And tears 

And tears

I would Lay down in the water of your eyes

My silky irises shredding into pieces

Radiant of self indulgence


Morrisy like-



My mouth descending

into the rigid surging

Cave climbing 

Treacherous holes

Where no God could save me

I will re-programme you

for a special kind of mourning

I will be your wet wear surgeon

Retreating to the cave mouth

Of a star maker project

a million years of mental programming

crammed into your head

Slow strokes deep into


rose petal 

Which fell softly

Then hardly 

Until hardly nothing at all


face was in two layers

Folded between mine

                                          No one should get that close.

Or else






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