'COMPANY', A poem by Hannah Beinstein.


'I wrote this poem to explore these kinds of beautiful, animalistic desires that lie within
each of us. It was inspired by a long distance relationship where the desperation for my
partner added an artfulness to the idea of sex and the memories between us. In addition,
I wanted to emphasize how being alone and missing someone can be sad, but it can also
spark creative fantasies and empowerment.'


The day after I was tired,
like all the life had been sucked out of me
in those last
Pulsing, electric breaths.
I took a hot bath,
And tasted the bubbly foam,
Pretending I was a rabid animal;
I washed my face with lemon cleanser and tears,
And the scars stung like paper cuts.
Sitting on the red stool,
Something was missing,
Bring me your aching grasp,
Your company,
Make those thoughts concrete, and spread
Them out on a picnic blanket, as velvety as fruit spread,
Let me paint with them, while they seep into my nails,
Let me lick on the remnants and roll the seeds around my tongue.
Show me the hidden parts of the fraying leaf,
peel back each petal,
And curve into your touch.
Wander against my thighs,
our Words just decorations; a border to a mirror,
Running my fingers against your nipple,
You watch it harden,
And I am arching, You nourish me, I could
eat your skin like an orange.
All alone, I craved your haunting embrace,
The salty-sweet smell of a flowing escape,
Where time is in our hands, and we pass it back and forth
Like a burning joint.


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