Liquid Sleep by Nancy Powell

Liquid sleep oozes from my limbs,
I am wet!
Like Venus and moon-turned,
I wait in the night -
Drip, drip, drip...
For the day to rape my solitude,
To wrap itself around me,
Pull me into the living,
To make me think in times wasted clicks,
I’m scared of the endless dawns and its aborted intends.

Each night I invite the masked lover,
Come in! Please, come in!
Each veil new and sunless,
I see, or hear, or taste?
Through the keyhole of stirred wake,
Stagger from the daylight,
Into my warm cavern he lays,
I make homely - a vision of you,
You are whoever I want you to be,
You are beautiful in blindness,
My Vampiric Knight.

I misplace those limbs that twitch with dreams,
Where have they gone? Where have I left you?
You knead me into place.
My Promethean something - still featureless.
Athena’s fire has flooded the bed.
You wash away with the dawn.

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