Note to self, a lovers words. NOTE by Alexandra Eldredge

The words of a lover are always the most painful. They have seen you so raw, every inch of your flesh. They've been inside your very being. They know you from the inside out. There is so much bitterness and truth in what they say it sends sharp pains straight to my internal parts - my heart aches with every throb and tears flow steadily from my fast reddening eyes. Nothing prepares you for this. There is no defence - you are open and unprotected from whatever might come your way. The only mild defence one has is unrelenting self-love and appreciation. Repeat to yourself that you are full: full of love, full of life, full of vibrancy and potential. One person may hurt you but there are parts of you that no one, no being besides yourself, will ever have access to. Your core remains. They may have gnawed at the exterior but your innermost substance and truth remains yours, private and sacred. Now close the doors of your heart for a while and allow for healing. Be gentle with yourself, with your mind, body and soul. Allow for the wounds to close and new skin, a fresh skin, to grow over - skin that will be different to the previous, this new skin will be touched, adored and loved by new lovers. No lover is final. No feeling is final. Move with the current and flow. Do not allow for stagnation - emotional immobility is the only true threat to your being.

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