SHARK WEEK. A poem by Melissa Gardner.

Shark week

Cheap date,


Does he care if he’s running late?

For you it’s love,

For him a one night stand.

It’s only cause you’re prettier,

Than the palm of his hand

Say it over and over,

Don’t sink too deep.

Loves a cruel mistress,

And never concrete.

His hearts not on board,

yours set adrift...

Upon a badly captained ship

He’s the hungry, lurking great white shark,

Give your pussy but not your heart.

Not wise of mind, but fair of face

You’ll disappear without a trace

You’ll be gone in one bite,

He’ll return to the depths  

Creature of the night,

Back in the same breath.

So be warned little girls,

of swimming alone.

Of the Charming boys,

with sharp cheekbones

He’ll fuck you hard once,

Say your name twice.

You’re in too deep,

And now paying the price.

He’s got your body

And swallowed you whole.

His belly now swollen,

From your name that he stole.

I didn't think it would get better but it did

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